Offically Closed

Dear friends, 

X the ArtPrize treasure hunt is officially Closed and remained undiscovered. 

Thank you for participating in the xtheartprize.  I know you wanted me to continue the event but with current circumstance it was just not possible. 
As you all know originally the treasure hunt was setup to be 19 days as to run alongside the ArtPrize. But many emails started poring in with a request to extend the treasure hunt and  I did. Unfortunately, due to environmental conditions my apparatus could hold on any longer. I just had to pull it out. 

While X the ArtPrize was going on I had time to think it over on how to improve the process so that I am not on the mercy of geographical location, government regulation, timeline, and most important liability involved when thousands of people are out and about hunting the treasure. 

Please check out my new show called "captivity return"  starting Sep19, 2018.