Dear friends,
First I would like to thank you for taking part in X the ArtPrize.
This event  was suppose to end on the last day of ArtPrize last year  but I continued almost for a year Unfortunately time has come to pull the plug.

The last day will be September 3rd, 2018. 

Good Luck to all! 

Frequently asked questions:

I know you have spent countless hours researching x the artprize. My latest announcement regarding the treasure hunt's closure may have disappointed many for you and left you with many question in mind. I can not answer  all  your questions  but here are few that might need attention.

1. Why are you deciding to end X the ArtPrize?
This event had a timeline. As you all know originally the treasure hunt was setup to be 19 days as to run alongside the ArtPrize. But many emails started poring in with a request to extend the treasure hunt and  I did. 
Unfortunately, due to environmental conditions my apparatus can not hold on any longer. So I am pulling it out. 

2. Will you release an explanation of how you could have found it ?
No, in case I decided to do it again.

3. Why are pulling it out when your book says, "if the treasure is not found it will be still there"?
YES but not the way you have quoted above. Its a clue book , not necessarily it means what you think it means. You still have sometime left read between the lines.



Dear friends,
Welcome to X the ArtPrize official website. The purpose of this site is to learn about the project and to check on its current status. Also feel free to visit my BLOG dedicated to this project for you to comment and engage with X the ArtPrize community. Don't forget subscribe for updates and more. 

As a kid, I used to love playing the game of hide-and-seek. It was exciting and captivating. As I grew older, my adventures became riskier. I enjoyed fearsome stunts like jumping from heights, burying myself alive, climbing large structures, and hanging upside down. These gave me an adrenalin rush and thrill beyond imagination. I hope X the ArtPrize will bring joy, thrill and excitement for  everyone involved-you and your team, your family and friends hunting together.

The idea of this treasure hunt came when ArtPrize banned me for life for making and displaying the World’s Longest Painting. 

Good Luck!!