X the ArtPrize

New clues are in the poem called "The Message"

What is X the ArtPrize?
It’s a Art treasure hunt worth millions of dollars. I’ve hidden this treasure in multiple Cities. The clues can be found in the book —X the ArtPrize.

  1. X the ArtPrize (Dubai) (reserve a copy)

As a kid, I used to love playing the game of hide-and-seek. It was exciting and captivating. As I grew older, my adventures became riskier. I enjoyed fearsome stunts like jumping from heights, burying myself alive, climbing large structures, and hanging upside down. These gave me an adrenalin rush and thrill beyond imagination. I hope it will create the same joy, thrill and excitement for all the hunters. 

The idea of this treasure hunt came when ArtPrize banned me for life for making and displaying the World’s Longest Painting. Learn more...
   Good Luck!