How can I subscribe for updates? How will I get recent updates from your website?
Please look for subscribe button and enter your email and hit submit. Now you will get updates in your inbox about the status or the new posts.

Why is the book not free? 
This book is a published work that has intrinsic value. It is a part of the publishing channel. They have to charge for the platform provided in the book marketing process.  

Is the chest actually buried or just hidden?
Please refer to the book or the poem to get the answer.

Will the weather affect our ability to locate or access the treasure?
Depends on the weather itself.

What is the current status of X the ArtPrize?
Please check on the status page. Subscribe to receive the status change via email.

Has this been Found?
Please check the status page

Do I have to buy the book to participate? 
No. Book is not compulsory to participate.

Is the poem "The Message" in the book X the Artprize?
No. Its on the website: www.xtheartprize.com

Can I Participate without buying the book?
Yes. Its open to all.

Why should I have to buy the book?
You don't have to buy the book to participate. Its just another tool. 

How can I get more clues?
Giving away clues at random is favoritism and unfair to others. Read the book (X the ArtPrize)and the poem (the message) for clues.
If I do decide to give out another clue it will be a public information available on www.xtheartprize.com and local media.

Can I write you an email if I have a question? 
Yes I would love o hear from you about your experiences but please don't ask for clues or random questions like the following I have received:
Will I die while hunting for the treasure?
How will I know where the treasure is?
Will I be able to smell the treasure? 
Where exactly do you recommend to look?
Will I go to  jail while looking for the treasure?

My dear friends I appreciate your questions but I unfortunately have no answers. I have to admit they are so funny!! LOL!!